Our Approach Te Ngako o te Kaupapa

"Learning within practical, creative and relevant contexts allows students to develop an understanding of how to learn as well a love of learning." Terry Storer — Principal

Our Approach Te Pūtoi Ako

Michael Park School graduates are socially competent critical thinkers who use their skills and personal character to set themselves challenging, realistic goals for further education and for life. We educate students to become self-aware, self-managing individuals who have courage for their own growth.

Our alumni are found as leaders and innovators in diverse fields around the world; including finance, business and information technology, the tertiary sector and research in science, law, medicine as well as in many areas of the arts including film media, design, music and fine arts.

This is enabled through a rich, diverse curriculum with a style of delivery which is contextual, practical and varied. Our social and learning environment allows students to develop their individual capacities. Students are given challenging growth opportunities through individual projects, class productions, outdoor education experiences and other challenges which allows them to experience success and take ownership of their own achievements.

The emphasis on community encourages students to seek out opportunities for service leadership and individualise their learning pathways as they progress through high school. Our students’ unique journeys are nurtured within the partnership of their teachers and whānau.

What We Value Ngā Uara

At Michael Park School we cherish childhood and provide a programme which emphasises the development of imagination alongside physical skills, thinking capacities and social relationships. We go to considerable lengths to facilitate the students’ ability to be self-directed, reflective and self-aware learners and this is supported by the structure of our learning programmes, the school environment and our approach to growth and development.

Inclusive Practices Te Kotahitanga

Michael Park’s Board and College value our school’s culturally rich and inclusive environment. Our staff work hard to ensure our students come to a school where diversity is acknowledged and celebrated. Our explicit emphasis on values of community and social responsibility is evident in varied ways across the school from our Class 5 peer mediators who are visible in the playground at each break and lunchtime to our peer tutoring programmes in our high school and our school-wide festivals. We provide frequent opportunities for our senior students to shine in the capacity of student leaders (tuakana-teina) and role models of healthy restorative practices. To find out more about our commitment to inclusive practices see our annual plan & charter, equity statement, and student code of conduct on our Resources page. You can ready our health and safety policy, child youth protection policy and other school policies on our Policies & Procedures page.

Structure Te Anga

Michael Park offers a Steiner / Waldorf inspired education from Kindergarten through Primary to senior High School. Learning programmes are designed to meet the needs of the developing child. The various intelligences are recognised in the subjects and in the way they are taught, and students are engaged in a well-rounded programme which includes creativity in the arts and crafts, academic excellence and social competence in sports, performing arts and the learning community.

The governance and management of Michael Park includes a College of teachers working with a Principal and a Board of Trustees. Our proprietor’s group is called the Rudolf Steiner School’s Trust. These three bodies work collaboratively to ensure the school is oriented towards best practice and is future-focused.

Environment Te Taiao

The adage that “it takes a village to raise a child” is reflected in our buildings and grounds. The unique architecture of our buildings represents the balance of nature and spirit. We are actively working towards an ecologically sustainable environment. Eating the food that they themselves have grown in our curriculum gardens is a regular experience for students, as well as growing trees for reforestation programmes. Healthy eating is encouraged in our lunch bar. Our teachers place a high value on collegiality, individual integrity and service leadership which is realised in our relationships with parents, whanau and students.

Our curriculum Te Marautanga

Our aim is to encourage the development of the whole child in such a way that they become imaginative and resourceful problem solvers with vision and enthusiasm for life. Michael Park School students have access to a rich curriculum of outdoor education, crafts, music, drama and eurythmy, as well as a solid grounding in the traditional subjects of mathematics, science and English. Our high school offers NCEA levels 2 and 3, as well as The New Zealand Certificate of Steiner Education at level 1 and prepares our students to go directly into tertiary level education, work and life. By the time they graduate, our students are articulate, confident, inquiring individuals who are interested in the world and keen to make a meaningful contribution to society.

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