Class 9 Poetry 2021

Class 9 Poetry Anthology 2021

These poems and illustrations were written and created by Class 9B during lockdown in September and October 2021 and were inspired by the poetry of Hone Tuwhare and Les Murray and the unique natural world of the beach, bush and backyards of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The students researched their chosen creature or plant, they made drawings from close observation and they shared, discussed and analysed a range of readings from nature poets including Hone Tuwhare, Les Murray, Ted Hughes, William Wordsworth, DH Lawrence, Sylvia Plath and Edward Thomas. They were asked to consider the voices and approach of three main poets: the affectionate relationship of Hone Tuwhare to the natural places of Aotearoa, the brutal wonder of Ted Hughes’ response to nature and Australian poet Les Murray’s unique ‘voicing’ of the animal in his anthology Translations from the Natural World.

The beauty and wonder of the natural world gives us hope and sustenance in stern times. The project takes its cue from the guidance in the poem ‘For the Children’ by the American environmentalist and poet Gary Snyder. Kia kaha class 9B 2021!

Sasha Matthewman, High School English, November 2021 

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C9 Poetry Anthology 2021
Cover art by Luka Winz

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