Class 12 Independent Projects 2020

Class 12 Independent Projects 2020 Dialogue between the Inner and the Outer

Click on the cover page to read the Class 12 Independent Project presentation for 2020.

Independent Projects are an integral part of the class 12 programme in most Steiner Schools including Michael Park.

They allow students to explore a challenging topic of their choice about which they are passionate, which they present to the community at the end. In most years this presentation to the public takes the form of displays and presentations in the Auditorium, and we were in the final stages of preparing for this on August 11. Then Auckland entered the second lockdown for Covid 19, and everything changed. Class 12 could not wait for a future date, as they have all their other commitments to their qualifications, so we decided to publish a collection of pieces to present their projects to the public in a different form.

The title “Dialogue between the Inner and the Outer” came from a look at the projects as a whole, as when we grouped them in an overview pattern we became aware that while each person’s work is their own dialogue between their inner self and the outward practical work associated with this, in the group as a whole there are some which are more to do with the inner intangible side of being human, and some which are firmly grounded in the outer world. This is particularly true this year, due to the nature of the people in this particular class 12, and what they have gone through in this year of Covid.

We chose to use Misaki’s picture of the turtle on the cover as a being who moves effortlessly between two different worlds of water and air.

Initially, Class 12 2020 students had these aspirations for their IPs:

· Exploring and sharing a passion

· Challenging myself with new, different discoveries in something that may be familiar or unfamiliar

· Something personal and individual that complements / sheds new light on the rest of my life

· Enjoyable and fun

· The peaceful eye of the storm

· A contrast to schoolwork

Then Covid happened, we were locked down for the first time, and everything changed. Some of their ideas could not be done in isolation, though some were given a burst of energy and time. What has happened because of this is that a group who are naturally quite introspective have been forced to spend even more time looking inward, and this has meant some changes to most of their projects – some minor, some total. Some of their projects were always going to be a work in progress, but for some this has become even more of a reality as the time available was curtailed.

Here are their reflections on their Independent Projects. There was not a set format, but they have chosen a way of talking about the experience that best suited them and what they did. For me, they are heart-warming, inspirational, moving experiences that I feel privileged to have been a part of. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Jane Patterson

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