Outdoor Classroom Tent Working Bee

Event Details

Smoke rising from the heart of our school is a common site at Michael Park, as students from all ages master the skill of making fire. They learn to use the warmth from nature for many different purposes like cooking, firing clay or forging. The time spent under the tent is always memorable for our students, whether they are warming up in front of a fire or working hard transforming nature’s bounty into beautiful crafts. It is a place where we gather to experience life in the simplest of ways while creating strong bonds with nature and each other.
The bamboo structure that holds our beloved Outdoor Classroom is in need of renewal as some of the bamboo is now old and rotten after more than ten years of service. Bamboo was harvested last weekend and awaits relocation to our school over the holidays.
We are calling on all enthusiasts to come and join us in rebuilding our shelter over a weekend of joy in community. This will happen on Saturday, 6 May (second weekend of Term 2) from 8:30am, and we plan to work a long day. If needed, we will return on Sunday, 7 May.
Please express your interest in joining us through this link so that we can estimate how much help will be available and organize the tasks in advance.
We will, of course, take time to share morning tea and lunch provided by the school.
Much Gratitude to you all.
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